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How To Take Proper Care Of Your Horse

We love horses! If you’ve ever visited our store, we’re sure you’ve seen just how much our equine friends mean to us. We sell a wide range of supplies for horses including halters, buckets, grooming supplies, and feeds. Of course, it’s important to to take proper care of your horse. So today, we’re going to look at two important tasks you have as a horse owner.

How to properly groom your horse

First, let’s talk about how to properly groom your horse. Before you start, make sure they are properly secured. They may be trained, but like your kids, will still move around during the process!

Start with the hooves, cleaning out excess dirt and ensuring mud and rocks are gone. You’ll want to do these before and after each ride.

Next, comb their hair using a curry comb. You know how good getting a massage feels, right? This is the equestrian equivalent! Start at their neck and work your way down the side to their rump, removing loose hair, dust, and debris. Then, use the hard brush to make sure all of the loosened debris falls off.

Face brushes are specialized for the sensitive areas on their faces. You can use this, followed by a damp washcloth to clean their face. Just be sure you don’t use the same washcloth on two different horses as this can spread bacteria between them.

Finally, use a mane comb to brush out their manes and tails. Watch for tangles, using your fingers to break them apart instead of the brush.

Top horse feed nutrition

Next, we want to talk about your horse’s diet. Just like humans, horses have a wide range of dietary needs. As a quick example, we often take probiotics to help with digestive issues. Horses are no different, which is why we sell Equine Choice Probiotics. These products help support a healthy horse gut. When properly taken care of with the right probiotic, these horses can better train and compete. And if your horse is elderly, it also helps their metabolic issues.

Equine Choice sells a therapeutic strength paste which is helpful with the initial loading dose or if your horse has been working in a highly stressful environment. They also sell supplements which continue to maintain daily gut function. Plus, all of their products are NHN registered and approved for competition use!

Beyond probiotics, we also sell a wide range of equestrian feeds. Some of our favorite brands include Tribute, Superior Equine Feeds, and Hoffman’s Horse Products. Whether your horse need a high fat diet for weight gain or a balanced diet due to specific sensitivities, we’ll help you find the right brand and nutritional blend!

Finally, we offer several additional health food options to maximize your horse’s metabolism. These include Purica Renewal powered supplements, and Omega Alpha anti-inflammatory options.

We’re here to help!

Like we said, we love our horse companions! Whatever their needs may be, from grooming to diet to other supplies, we can help! Contact us today or visit our website to learn more!

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