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  Our Story  

Neigh-Barks Feed & Pet Supply is a locally owned retailer of animal feed, pet food, and pet supplies with locations in Beaver County, Alberta, and now in Sturgeon County,

How Neigh-Barks Started

Neigh-Barks Feed & Pet Supply is a 100% Canadian owned retailer of animal feed, pet food, and pet supplies located in Beaver County, Alberta.


When we moved to Beaver County it didn't take long to fall in love with the relaxed and polite local atmosphere. We found the people to be incredibly nice and welcomed us with open arms!  


We also found that everyone in the neighbourhood has animals and has to drive miles and miles for reasonably priced quality animal feed, pet food, and supplies. We found ourselves in the same boat; looking for a local place for our animal and pet needs. Not finding a solution; we decided to supply one! Spring 2017, Neigh-Barks was born; a feed and pet supply store, located in the country, but priced like the city.


All your country pet needs in one place:

We have been in the animal industry for many years as we have owned and operated a horse boarding facility as well as a successful horse breeding facility. Don't forget to ask about our Gypsy Horses when you come in!   

Due to the years of research and animal experience, our knowledgeable staff is able to provide expert advice on feeding and maintaining a healthy and well-balanced life for your pet. 

Neigh-Barks carries many products such as toys, treats, and tools for your pet. Neigh-Barks carries top of the line brands of dog, cat, bird, and small animal food and accessories in addition to multiple full lines of feed and supplies for horses, cows, goats, chickens, and more.

Stop by Neigh-Barks and say hi! We're looking forward to meeting you!

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